Faculty of Law and Political Science consists of three departments: Private Law, Criminal Law and Political Science. Law department was established in 1993 to be divided into Private and Criminal departments in 2020, for the purpose of educating the human resource needed for the legal profession in Khorasan province and the country, at large. In 1999, Political Science department was established to promote education and research in this field. Having been part of the faculty of Economics and Administrative Science, they formed a new faculty of Law and Political Science, in 2014. Currently, 1015 students are studying for BA, LLB, LLM and PhD degrees at the faculty. LLB and BA courses take four academic years, while LLM and MA take two years and PhD three years. So far, 2530 students have graduated from the faculty. The number of international students at the faculty currently is 425, the highest number in a single faculty in Iran.